KUPS - a CUPS front-end for KDE



Latest version is 0.8.0. You can download it  via 3 different ways : FTP, Sourceforge project page or CVS.

In order to be able to use KUPS on your system, you need the following components installed:

CUPS-1.1.3 or higher
Qt-2.1 or higher
KDE-2 (any beta version should be OK)
QtCUPS-1.1 or higher


1. FTP

The FTP site is here. It contains all releases of KUPS, latest being 0.8.0.


2. Sourceforge project page

KUPS is defined as a module in the "CUPS related stuff" project on Sourceforge. The project page is here.


3. CVS

You can access latest development version of KUPS via anonymous CVS on Sourceforge. Note however that current development code may be unstable and may even not compile, so use it at your own risks. If you want a stable version of KUPS, use one of the two previous methods. Informations on how to access anonymous CVS is located here.


        MichaŽl Goffioul