KUPS - a CUPS front-end for KDE



KUPS is a powerful and easy-to-use CUPS front-end for KDE. CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) is a new printing system under UNIX which is completely network transparent and uses the IPP protocol. It supports a large range of printers through various available drivers and ghostscript. This printing system also allows to sepcify a lot of printing options such as number of copies, page collation, number of pages per sheet, various image options, text syntax coloring, and a set of specific printers options described in a driver file (PPD). Drivers are already available for most common printers.

KUPS provides a powerful management tool for CUPS. It allows users to manage printers and classes (enable/disable, add to/remove from class, configure driver, ...), to add them via an easy-to-use "add printer wizard", and to configure the CUPS daemon through a graphical configuration tool. KUPS is expected to be the print management tool of the next Mandrake Linux distribution which will be available soon.

Check the features section for a more detailed description of KUPS, the screenshots section to have a better view of the program and its user interface, and finally the download section if you're interested in this tool.

KUPS has been written by :

Jean-Eric Cuendet : he's the first author of the project, and the person who started evreything. He wrote the biggest part of the code.
Michael Goffioul : he's the second author. He wrote a large part of the "add printer wizard" (non local printers), the driver configuration tool and  CUPS daemon configuration tool, and helped porting KUPS to KDE2. He's now the principal KUPS maintainer (Jean-Eric being a little bit too busy these times). He's also the author of QtCUPS (used by KUPS).

The KUPS team would also like to thank Till Kamppeter from Mandrake (author of XPP) for his great help in testing and improving KUPS.



        MichaŽl Goffioul